Our Inspiration

Provence is more than just a region of France. For generations, it has been evocative of beauty, warmth, colour and lives lived with grace and style under the Mediterranean sun. 

Provence is ... lavender and sunflowers

In the warmest, most colourful corner of the South of France, this land of lavender and sunflowers has inspired the colourful masterpiece paintings of Cézanne, Van Gogh and Monet. The colours and scents of lavender and sunflowers join with the joyous song of the cicada insects in summer to create a distinctive Mediterranean sensory experience that you will remember forever. 

Provence is ... villages and hamlets

The gracious squares, open-air markets, clanging church bells and terracotta tiles atop rustic yellow stone buildings; this is the fabric of Provencal towns and villages. Local relationships are treasured, laughter is abundant, and good food and wine are the lifeblood of village life here.

Provence is ... Mediterranean warmth

In Provence, Mediterranean warmth and colour mixes with classic French refinement, giving birth to a design style that reflects the character of this magical region. The rusticity and elegance of the Provencal style is timeless; it stands in a class above changing fashions and trends.Pastel shades, natural patterns and the use of the finest quality fabrics and materials make Provençal one of the most influential styles in interior decoration..

Provence is ... the taste for living well

Perhaps what best defines the Provençal style is graceful functionality. In a Provencal house, everything decorative is practical and everything practical is decorative. Pans hanging from the walls. Sideboards displaying porcelain sets. Terracotta jugs that alternate use as flower vases. In that spirit, Provence at Home offers you a range of products that meet a simple premise: that luxury and sophistication are part of everyday life. That living well is an art.