About Our Products

All our textile products are made entirely in France, and our suppliers are family businesses from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

Both classic and modern designs are faithful to the Provençal tradition

Tablecloths, napkins and centerpieces display both classic and contemporary designs, always faithful to the essence of Provençal style. We currently operate with two of the most prestigious Provençal textile brands: Toselli (from Nice) and Marat (from Avignon). 

"Resined" cotton offers greater resistance to liquids and stains

The manufacturing materials are of the highest quality. All of our tablecloths are 100% fine-weave resined cotton. This is a treatment that covers the cotton with a thin waterproof layer, giving the fabric greater resistance to liquids and stains. This technology offers easier cleaning without sacrificing the feel and quality of a material like cotton. 

The finest quilting finish

Our range of centrepieces, table runners and oven mitts feature the finest quilting construction, offering a texture and depth to the fabric that is a hallmark of quality. 

The history of Provençal fabrics 

Provence - and especially its most important city, Marseille - has been a major centre for the European textile industry since the Middle Ages. Thanks to its status as a "free port" in the Mediterranean, for centuries the city was an entrepôt for high quality fabrics and raw materials from across the Mediterranean and the Middle East, such as fine-weave cotton and luxurious, deeply colourful dyes.

The intense Provençal color palette

The people of Marseille were always receptive to new techniques, and this is how around the 16th Century they began to adapt a method of loom stamping from India. The fabric techniques and the aesthetics of ancient Roma communities, around Marseille and the Arles area, also contributed to the evolution of the classic floral and polka dot motifs, and the intense colour palette so typical of Provençal fabrics.